It’s nearly here! My EP ‘For The Summer…’ will be ready for your ears soon…

Living in Plymouth has made me realise and appreciate all of the amazing artists that we have in our midst. Some of the most creative people I have and will ever get the chance to work with are right here. Most of them my friends, how lucky am I! We recorded the new record at Momentum Studios in Plympton which is owned by my drummer Josiah Manning. He’s been a fantastic producer and engineer and definitely proved to be the best person to take control of the project.

Paddy Blight played Electric Guitar, Jake Galvin on Bass, Sarah Jory on Pedal Steel, Barney Dine and me on Acoustic Guitar, Vince Lee on Solo Electric Guitar (whaaaaat!!), Josiah on Drums and Becca Langsford and Elani Evangelou on Backing Vocals… WHAT A BAND!

It’s all coming together, big thanks to Dom Moore for the amazing photography and Danielle Tweedie for the illustrations on the cover. I’ve just got to sit on the new mixes for the weekend and then next week it will be sent off to be mastered and then printed! God. Pretty scary.

I found this EP quite hard to write, I have been through quite a whirlwind over the past year and as I haven’t released anything since my last album a few years ago I was more conscious about this one. One of the tracks is written by a good friend of mine Jack Tucker, we used to live together with some friends a few years back and he’s such a great songwriter. I’ve always loved his song ‘Very Last Time’ and I was so chuffed when he said I could cover it. Thanks man.

The EP is a 5 track record including two bonus live tracks. It’s been months working on the material. It started off with me and Barney in his studio (Ocean Studios) in Paignton getting some demos together, we’ve been writing together for 12 years now. I always come to Barney with ideas and we track it down, trying to work out which instruments to use, trying to learn how to play some of them! Haha! Then we took it over to Josiah and the band, everyone has worked their magic all over it. Sarah Jory you’re an absolute babe, I can’t thank you enough for your beautiful playing.

This record is something I’m really proud of, it’s the real me, now.